Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Will I get back those days?

The not-so crowded Chennai
Less traffic and less polluted
The beautiful unpopulated Marina beach
Will I get back those days?

The fresh milk from the milkman every morning at your doorstep
The fresh vegetables each morning by the vendor
The ever-crispy puffed rice and groundnut by the street vendor
Will I get back those days?

Radios and transistors as the only entertainment
Simple cinema halls with reasonable tickets
Lovely Lambrettas and Vespas to ride
Will I get back those days?

Only home made goodies by mother at all times
Fresh fruits untouched by insecticides
Just a Woodlands to dine or sup
Will I get back those days?

Deepavali celebrations simple and nice
Visiting aunts and uncles for blessings
New dresses and sweets, no pomp and no show
Will I get back those days?

Trust for words, truth in speech
Loving hearts and simplicity
Helping neighbours and long lasting relationships
Will I get back those days?

No waiting lists in schools
No interviews for parents
No donations, no down-payments
Will I get back those days?

Only land line phones in the house
No worry of remembering numerous telephone numbers
Unheard of personal computers accompanied by neck and wrist pains
Will I get back those days?

More of buses, less of autos
More of cycles, less of motorbikes
More space in the road for pedestrians to walk
Will I get back those days?

Vegetables, Rs.2/- a Kilo
Rice, Rs.4/- a Kilo
Gold and silver reachable to common man
Will I get back those days?

In 1960, Rs.10/- could buy a whole lot of things
In 1990, Rs.100/- could not buy much
In 2000, Rs.500/- was insufficient for a single visit to the grocer
In 2009 even a 1000 rupee note is less to buy a pizza
Will I get back those days?

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect! ~Owens Lee Pomeroy


  1. That was indeed wonderful memories of the past. Though the past was perfect and the present is tense, I am curious to know how the future Chennai will look like !!!

  2. Thank you for visiting our site.. will keep coming back.

  3. "Will I get back those days?" I simply love it!!!
    I also think sometimes,sitting here doing nothing,can i ever go back to all those we have njoyed and take it as granted, as a kid...beautiful thought and you have put it in simple beautiful words..

  4. Well written......
    New here.. dropped in thro a comments thread!

  5. Its a nostalgic walk down the memory lane.very aptly composed.Hema

  6. Hi,

    Thx for visiting my blog....u ve a lovely keep in touch!


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