Sunday, October 18, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

Once you read this title, you would be able to understand the depth of this post. This is the general remorse emotion one feels, when one or all of the family's children leave home either for higher studies or for jobs. This is more felt in the women of the house as she loses the involvement in her child's activities. All of a sudden, you are left with more time at your hand and not knowing what to do. This is more prevalent in Asian families where the children mostly grow up in their homes till they leave the house after their marriage or for further studies. The parent has a hand in all the decisions till the child is at home with them. Once the child moves out, the parents are at a loss due to the insecurity feeling of losing the control over the child.

Easy tips to overcome this syndrome effect:

Firstly, it is better not to involve ourselves too much into the lives of our children. Once they reach adulthood, it is better to let them make most of the decisions but of course having an eye on it, lest they make wrong ones. But, parents should always be available when children needs suggestions and advises. In this way, the child also learns to adapt better when they leave the house and more equipped to live life alone sans parents.

One should realise that there are more important problems in life and this should be only a passing cloud. It is all in the mind and one should be able to counsel oneself, that it is for the good that their child has left them for greener pastures.

Involve oneself into other activities in life for which there was no time till then like joining a health club or actively participating in religious activities etc. This will drive the energy hidden inside oneself and moreover the time is spent wisely than just sitting at home and thinking about the empty nest which would further pull you into depression.

Renew your friendship circle whom you have left years before due to commitments in the family.

Rediscover your inner skills and try a hand in developing them. For dearth of time, you would not have found time to continue your passions and this is the right time for you to give a 'go' and make use of the available time in your hand.

Have regular contacts with your child and enjoy his new life and routine.

Try to participate in activities outside the house, be it volunteering services or a get-together of relatives or friends.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us - Helen Keller

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