Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lone Danya (Cilantro)

I am sure you all must be wondering what it is about a Lone Danya :):)(Cilantro)

A few months back, my daughter had told me that she had grown Danya in her backyard and she vouched that it was a low maintenance affair. She sounded very encouraging and truly inspired by her ,an urge cropped up to have my own Danya plants. Imagination ran wild about the potful of the lush-green plant and if I had a bumper crop, what I would be doing with the excess and to whom all I can distribute !!!!

As I do not have a proper garden area, I would have to settle down growing the plant in my so-called balcony. It cannot be termed as a 'balcony' as it is just a small extension of the window sill of which I have access only through the glass window.

I got into action in full swing. My husband owns a big indoor garden and growing 'Danya' was my maiden venture. I was excited about the same. I rushed to our store room to hunt for a nice medium size pot, filled it up with soil which was already mixed with manure. I crushed Dania pods and digged them half way through into the pot and watered liberally. Suddenly, I felt a sense of belongingness and affection towards the pot.

When my husband came home, I proudly told him that I will be growing my own 'Dania' from then on. He smiled and nodded his head and inspected the pot. No comments from him on that day. Next day, as I was watering, my husband told that I should not have poured the water on the soil thus making deep trenches but should have gently sprayed. By the time, he explained this nuance, alas, I had completed my watering project.

By the third day morning, I was sure to see some Dania. But, to my disappointment, the soil was bare and no sign of a sprig. And passed the fourth day and the fifth day morning without any sign of greenery.

My mornings would begin with a curious peek into the pot searching for a small life. Now since the fifth day also had passed without any hope, I thought this would be my first and last gardening project. It would be unfair if I do not mention generous emails from my daughters anxiously enquiring about the fate of my Dania. Sympathetically, they would give me encouragement so as not to lose heart and would assure me that I would get results in a few days, for sure :)

Thinking too much about this project, I forgot about the watering part today. Now, at 3 pm local time, casually when I took a peep and saw a lone Danya giving me hope. My joy knew no bounds. For a moment, believe it or not, I was jumping with joy. Immediately, called my husband and also shot up mails to my daughters on the arrival of my much-awaited 'Dania'. I watered as liberally as I used to but now with much caution as not to disturb the sapling.

Waiting for the rest to grow and guess what, now I have started wondering what to do with so much Dania :):):):) Now I feel I can only enjoy the growth of the Danya plants but not consume it at any cost. I could understand the passion of gardening now.

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible - Anonymous


  1. Wow attai.. Totally dramatic.. :) Vaish

  2. Quite dramatic!

    Gardening is really passionable and addictive thing.

    I wish you luck for your Danya project.

  3. Thanks Sindhu for the encouragement.

  4. Thanks Vaish, Believe it or not, it is a true story :):)

  5. You are right Zindagi, Gardening is very addictive. Already pondering on my next new project. Will announce shortly. Thanks for your comments.

  6. How is baby Dhaniya now? Her fresh look must be enchanting. - Hema

  7. HI,

    Thank u so much for voting for me..

    The work is a ceramic frame. The base is wooden photo frame that is easily available in market. I The photo frame was a place one, so did ceramic flowers to it.

    Thanx once again.. :)


  8. This is so cute. I can well understand how mightily thrilled you must have felt on seeing that tiny life come forth from the midst of the soil. Congrats! :)


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