Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What If Tomorrow Never Comes

Do not wait for tomorrow to make a call
And say 'I care'
For you may not know,
They might not be there

Do not wait for tomorrow
To say 'Thank you' and 'Sorry' (OR)
Write a mail to your near and dear
For, it would culminate all the misunderstandings

Do not wait for tomorrow
To say 'I love you' to your beloved - &
To hold hands and walk with your partner
For those moments are eternal and not to be postponed

Do not wait for someone to be gone
to remember them
Enjoy your fullest with them today
So, you do not repent later

Do not wait for tomorrow
To dream big
You might not have enough time to fulfil them

Do not wait for tomorrow
To patch up
For it might be too late by then

For you never know
What if Tomorrow never comes

Many fine things can be done in a day if you don't always make that day tomorrow - Anonymous

(Image courtesy 123greetings.com)


  1. Hey Miss Chit Chat....

    I think u do that a lot... And u do it right... I enjoyed reading this short to the point poem...which is very true...but not all, do even think about it... If thought, with the time in hand...probs would have been much easier to be resolved....

    Following u too..... Hope to see u around more...

    A stitch in time saves nine....


  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog, next very nicely said poem.

  3. It's a thoughtful post to those of us who say "I AM BUSY".Hema.


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