Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gold facial

I have not been to a parlour for quite a while due to lack of time , laziness etc. My daughters have been pushing me hard to do a facial as it was long long due. I was in Chennai and a single outing would bring in a dark tan which would certainly take a week of staying indoors to lessen. Finally, I decided on a D-day that I would pamper myself with a facial, pedicure and a manicure. Was not sure which parlour to go as there was a huge list in Yellow pages. After many calls to friends and cousins, settled in for a good one (they were claiming they use only natural products) near my house.

As I entered, a young girl (Bina) came out and greeted me and told she was going to be in charge of my face, hands and legs that day. To begin with, she tested my skin and concluded it was a 'dry' one. She convincingly suggested that I go in for 'Gold facial' which is as costly as the name indicates. After slight hesitation and the quick recall of the umpteen advises from my daughters, I agreed. I had no clue as to what that facial was, and also curious to know more. I asked Bina to explain. I could see the puzzled look in her face. For all you know, I might have been the first one to ask her the details apart from her boss who would have asked her during her interview. As she explained, I thought it was going to be fun. What luxury!!!!!!!

I was taken to a small air conditioned, dimly lit room and was asked to lay down on a tilted seat.  She began with the face massage and it was followed with numerous coats of scrubs, gels and face packs. I enjoyed every second of the face and the neck massage. The grand finale was the gold mixed scrub (so she told) and it had a mild pleasing aroma. The whole process took almost one hour and fifteen minutes.  The face pack was so cool and refreshing.  Finally, the time arrived for me to clean off the mask.  I was eagerly waiting for this moment to know the result of all the coatings of gels and packs.

To my disappointment, there was no change. To be frank, I expected myself to glow with all the pampering.  Bina understood my expressions and told me that the effect of the facial would be visible only the next day. She assured that I would glow!!!!! After all, it was a gold facial.

Me and my family waited anxiously for the next morning. I could feel my face glow or at least I should tell so as I had a GOLD FACIAL :):):):) When reported the same to my children, they were very happy and wanted to have a look at me in the webcam.    Gave extra light fitting near the camera to bring out the glow in my face.  Yes, I was really glowing with all the light effects :):) This effect of the facial would be only for a week and maybe a little more if we stay indoors but certainly an inviting luxury. 

Heeding to Bina's words, I should be going for my next Gold facial in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Beauty is ten, nine of which is dressing.”


  1. Simple write up, but lovely like u! Glad u finally got to find wat u were searching for! Thanq for sharing ur lovely and lively xperience! Like ur simplicity! D

  2. I m soo happy for you that you went for a facial... Yeah thats very true that we cant see the effect we look for on the outer side.. Its basically freshness due to extra massaging.
    I can suggest a few home tips.. Ms ChitChat:)
    Use any savoury fruits like Pear . Cut a small bit and roll it all over ur face , you are bound to get a an extra freshness and feel good factor. Try applying a pack of besan, milk & honey over a face. Once it dries up wash it with cold water. U will feel good..

  3. That was one awesome read..sounds funny though..
    Thank u for stopping by kothiyavunu and for the lovely comments..see u often.:)

  4. you know I have already read this 10 times so favorite post after lone dania :D

  5. Haha.. I really enjoyed reading it!! It is always fun looking for the extra glow after the facial! Lovely write-up! :)

  6. Good write up and funny too. Thanks for opening our eyes and this reminds me of an old saying "All that glitters is not gold". First time here but I'm sure will visit often. Outer glow wears out and the inner beauty remains forever.

  7. @ Divija, Good to know you enjoyed
    @ Shanthi and Prasu, Thanks for liking it
    @ Sandhya, Thanks for those lovely tips.

  8. Thanks Kothiyavunu and Rohini for dropping by and enjoying the post.

  9. It is nice to see you Dolly and happy to note that you enjoyed the post


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