Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are there any denials?? - Sympathising with filmi emotions ???

The obvious question is, Why do we get so emotionally involved while watching a  film? Most of us would have undergone this phase of connection and the impact is mysterious.

This is a question to be really analysed.  While watching a film, our inner minds agree and console us that this is only a movie and it is an escape from reality for two hours.   But, still our emotions conquer  and we tend to shed a tear or two  or feel bad for a particular character. Most of these emotions are inborn which only needs some impetus to come out.

This thought entered my mind while I was watching the malayalam movie 'Mambazhakaalam' of Mohanlal and Shobhana.  I enjoyed the laughter and smile in everyone's face when Mohanlal returns from Abudhabi and showers  his family with gifts and what not.  But, as the film was nearing its climax, especially when he speaks about the hardships and the solitude of the life in the Gulf which he had faced just to make his family comfortable, my eyes were wet. It was beyond my control then on. I became a sympathiser of Mohanlal as well as Shobhana and became a part of their family. Does this happen with everyone?

After me and my husband watched 'A Wednesday', as a matter of fact,  related ourselves to the common man and also reasoned out  his mind swing .  Gone are the days of hero and heroines running around the trees, most of the movies of today either relive any major event taken place or relate daily life of the common man and his problems.

There are also some movies where the core story keeps on revolving in our minds even after a long span.  "Karnan', the Tamil movie with actor Sivaji Ganesan in the lead role had created a new perception of Karnan in the minds of viewers.  No one can deny being emotional after watching the tamil film 'Abhiyum Naanum'

We keep relating our family to the story and worry about the climax.  The mood after a movie can be either a sense of joy or a severe  headache.  After watching a horror movie, no one can deny of unheard sounds or scary shadows later.

I am sure most of you would want to agree with me on the above and please do not have reservations to accept that you were emotional at least once in your lifetime watching a good movie.

'A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.'

Alfred Hitchcock


  1. very very true, i do become quite emotional watching a movie!

  2. Hi, thanks for ur sweet msgs! I dont mind disclosing the fact that I weep buckets while watching a movie! I know its a stupid drama for gods sake, but still I get involved. One interesting thing I found is, if I watch the same drama in mute, I dont weep, how twisting the scene might be! Meaning, the background score has the lead role! This is purely my opinion. If I feel the scene makes me weep, I completely shut the volume, so I dont get mood swings :) lovely analysis, btw!

  3. Bang ON! Very true..... A good film is when we relate to the situations & emotions.... It is when we feel "it makes sense", the very moment we watch....

    Few phaalthu films with no basic sense of emoting, which is the least they can do by doing it right..... Pisses me off like anything....


  4. I too feel emotional watching a movie,me too watched mambhazhakaalam on Asianet...nice post...

  5. i too feel emotional watching movie ....
    nice one dear!!
    first time here on ur blog you have lovely space with nice recipes

  6. joi, you hit the nail as to why i do not watch tamil or malayalam movies. i get too involved and personalize it to the extent, that i can barely sit through the first few minutes of sorrow or arguement.

    in that way, hollywood movies,appear like tamasha from another planet. even serious movies there, never used to bother me. but nowadays, after living abroad for close to 37 years, i tend to avoid serious hollywood movies also.

    only comedies for me. :)


  7. Yes u r right ! The films depicts the reality in many ways but no solutions. Similar to the story Mambhazhakaalam, I have seen people around me in Abu Dhabi who visit their home once in 4 years though they are entitled to visit once in 2 years only for the reason, to save the air flight cost and send that amount also to their family. I think they must be with their family (wife and children) once in 4 year for a couple of months each time they visit. In a life span of 30 years earning, all that they live is couple of years. What a tragedy in the name of sacrifice for their family.

  8. I always have this habit of imagining what the characters would be doing after the climax ie,after the end:).

  9. totally true!! im someone who has gotten angry, sad, upset, happy and many more watching movies!!

  10. reallt all your words are tur..i too more emotional..sometimes i can't console myself ..if it was too tragedy n also i will be thinking about that particular scene for 2-3 days...really after watching a movie so many time i got headache..though its a drama i use involve myself with that a lot..very emotional..y ur not posting often ..loved your writing so plz come up with more posts n recipes..


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