Friday, December 25, 2009


Rajma and chapathi is one of the loved weekend menus in my house. I have always wondered why choley (channa masala) was more popular as I found rajma to be tastier. Hope you enjoy this recipe passed on from my mom.

Rajma (Kidney Beans) - 1cup
Onion- 2 medium sized
Tomato- 1 medium sized
Ginger- 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala- 1/2 tsp
Oil- 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Corriander to garnish

1. Soak the kidney beans overnight in water.
2. Pressure cook the beans with salt and water
3. Heat a 1tbsp oil in a pan
4. Cut the onions in big slices and lightly fry them in oil (this will remove the raw smell of onions).
5. Add the tomatoes and cook them. Leave this mixture to cool.
6. Grind the onions and tomatoes into a fine paste.
7. Heat 1tbsp oil in a pan and add ginger, the ground paste and garam masala into it. Keep the heat at medium low and let oil ooze out of the mixture.
8. Add the kidney beans and some more salt (if required).
9. Garnish with some finely chopped corriander leaves.
Bon Appetit!


  1. nice post... It goes well with rice or chappati and easy to make also

  2. hey...this is very know what I too believe the same...I prefer rajma over chole

  3. I lov rajma,yday too i made these...yummm ,merry x'mas dear...

  4. I love rajma a lot.... but I don not like the ones that we get around here... I love the ones we get in J & K.... we had got a pack during our trip to Vaishno Devi...... It was perfect.... The difference is that here.... they do not get cooked well.. few remain hard in the lot.... Which I hate... I prepare with much expectations & then happen to dump it off to the bin..It hurts...Now I do not get nor prepare.... But this looks pleasing to my craving eyes & palate....

    Happy Celebrations!!!!!


  5. Rajma with chappati is my favourite .Wishing u and your family a very Happy & prosperous New Year.

  6. Wow my fav curry....Looks yummyyy.

  7. @Ashkuku: i am not sure where you live but in US the spanish light kidney beans work as a great alternative. The lights ones cook better than the dark ones.

    @all: thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful new years.

  8. i too love rajma with hot rotis or rice. Nice clicks..Makes it very tempting..

  9. Looks so rich and delicious! :)

  10. Hi!

    Thanks for dropping by. U too have a great blog. Following u.

  11. Very Tempting Rajma.. Nice photo too.. will try soon..

  12. @Deepa & Linda: Thank you!
    @Arundhati: thanks for stopping by
    @Unpredictable: do let us know how it came out
    @Sra: wish you too a wonderful new year

  13. Nice tempting clicks...I too love rajma, make it almost every week :) Happy New Year Dear!


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