Friday, April 25, 2014


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Cricket, in particular IPL is packed with entertainment and most of us are  fully connected and enjoy the game, more so, when it becomes very competitive while CSK, (my team since the first IPL) is in action.

At home, there is never a  match when I would watch it alone.  We had a big group of either cousins dropping in or friends who would come with huge snack bags and my only kitchen work would be the preparation of 'tea' or serving them bottles of soft drinks.  Occasionally, I would stack my freezer with Cornettos too.

By and large, one of the best site to watch sports is the Star Sports channel, not judging by the fact that prizes for this contest is sponsored by them :):) It is true to the fact that the telecast is actually 'LIVE' as it happens.  The clarity of the telecast is to be appreciated.

A huge mind preparation begins at the dawn as to how to go about the day in terms of time management.  There are many instances which can be quoted about the crazy acts by me to watch the match, dodging commitments, but none can beat this.  It was this crucial Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals and I wanted to enjoy the match right from the toss. Was thinking hard how to go about the 'leave' business with my boss who had already scheduled two important meetings during the time of the match that day.  Finally, I went to office as usual, then at about 11 am, slowly began to complain about back pain/catch which was supposedly slowly increasing.  Several sincere advises followed from my colleagues and the office boy even offered to get me a Brufen from the nearby Pharmacy.  I chuckled inside and wanted to continue my agony comments complimented with sick facial expressions.  Time was ticking, hence had to hurry up with the act of increasing  pain. I reached peak at about 11.45 am and with a sobered look on my face, clutching my back, tried to push the door and entered my boss's room.  Seeing my condition, he compelled me to go home instantly and even offered to drive me home. Sheepishly but politely, I refused but had to take the invite from my friend who dropped me home. I was taken aback, when he parked his car and wanted to wait at home for me to get better. I wanted to tell him that I would be better off, left alone :):)instead told him that I would keep updating and he need not stay back disturbing his busy schedule.

Hurray, am at home just in time for the match.  Toss was on and voila, CSK won the toss and were going to bat first. Made myself comfortable in the couch with cushions stacked up along with hot lunch and all the remotes/phones at my reach.  Was thanking my stars and the match begins on an excellent note. Sixers and fours, CSK was cruising. Here, comes call after call to enquire about my back pain/catch.  Keeping my tone low, had to convince everyone that I am certainly feeling far better and proper rest for the remaining day, would certainly make me bounce back to work the next day.  Half hour passed and no calls, happy me.  Then my peace and enjoyment short-lived by the call from my boss requesting me in an apologetic tone,  if I can attend the meeting thro' video call. He must have felt bad about the request, hence made sure that I was lying on the couch and attending the meeting. Two solid hours passed with me on video conference and the whole office team listening to me and the sad part was I had to put up a sober face in front of them.  . Match was kept on mute, and occasional eye contact on the screen to update with the score was really giving me eye sore. It was very difficult to control not to smile when Dhoni hit six after six. I cursed myself for having lied about something not worth it.  I would have been able to enjoy the scene better at work. Finally, the meeting over and  coincided with the  finishing 20 overs of CSK.   By the time the RR started playing, stream of office friends dropping in to enquire about my back.  Finally, was able to enjoy the last five overs of RR and of course CSK won.  I was overcome with emotions and let out by clapping and dancing happily. Never,  I vouched would think of health issues to take leave from work.  Recalling the episode, finding it very hilarious now but not so at the moment.
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