Monday, August 28, 2017

Goodness of Methi seeds

Most of us would be aware that methi seeds are boon to mankind especially to diabetic people.  A spoon of methi soaked in water the previous night and taken as a first intake the next morning would do wonders to blood sugar.  If taken dedicatedly, result can be seen within a few weeks.

I have been sprouting methi for quite sometime. Along with my usual salad, I mix a tablespoon of methi sprout which makes my salad double healthy.

Wash methi seeds well and soak them for 9-10 hours.  Drain and keep the seeds in a colander and let the excess water drip out.  This will take anywhere between half to an hour,  depending on where you place the colander. If it is placed close the window, the water dries up quickly. Take the moist methi seeds in a big square cloth ( I use handkerchief) and tie it well - well covered on all sides and keep it in a corner. After 24-36 hours, sprouts can be seen and you can decide  the length of the sprout.

It is a very simple process and can be stored in air tight dabbas in the fridge for daily use.  Stays fresh for a week.

Yummy healthy meal - Cucumber, carrot, apple, soaked black chenna, soaked kabuki chenna, methi sprouts and green gram sprouts.

I would be content if at least one of my friend reads this and makes sprouts at home for consumption in general, not only diabetics.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A cup of piping hot coffee in chennai even during peak summer ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œare you kidding?.

Born and brought up in Mylapore, Chennai, a hot cup of filter coffee is an integral part of our daily life.    My mother prepares the excellent coffee with the first thick decoction from the traditional coffee filter.  Everything is prepared fresh in the morning. The first aroma of the boiling water getting mixed with the coffee powder in the coffee filter  is divine and can be smelt a couple of houses away.    Fresh milk (not Aavin) used to be brought to the door step by the milk man as early as 5 a.m. Hence, the first coffee of the morning is so special with fresh milk and fresh decoction.  Later, during the day, it gets diluted and depends on visitors too ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ.

Once in three days, coffee powder is bought from Narasus who freshly grind 'Pea berry and Plantation 'A' in certain proportions as desired by customers.  The proportion of these berries are very important to get the authentic rich flavor.  Sometimes a little chicory is added to give thickness.  Not to forget  those days, when we used to buy raw coffee beans, roast in Kadai and grind fresh everyday ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. It was a small grinder, quick and easy.

Nobody would ask ' tandaa or garam' to guests who visit home.   By default it would be filter coffee in the traditional Davara ( a small catori) and tumbler at any time of the day.

Mmmmm, those were the days of filter coffee, now getting diluted in 'latte and espresso'

Off I go to get a cup of hot coffee, of course FILTER COFFEE ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Anger and its Management

You may remind yourself a hundred times that you shouldn't get angry, but when the emotion comes, you are unable to control it. It comes like a thunderstorm. Emotions are much more powerful than your thoughts. What can you do when anger rises in you?
Anger is a distortion of your true nature and it doesn't allow the self to shine forth fully. The structure of human consciousness or the mind is very similar to that of an atom. The positively charged protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom while the negatively charged particles are only on the circumference. Similarly, even in human consciousness, mind and life, all the negativities and vices are only in the periphery. Your true nature is peace and love.
Showing anger itself is not wrong, but being unaware of your anger only hurts you. Sometimes you can show anger purposefully. For example, a mother gets angry at her children and can act tough or shout at them if she feels that they have put themselves in danger. There are situations that warrant showing anger, but when you get angry, have you observed what happens to you? You are shaken completely. Look at the consequences of getting angry. Are you happy with the decisions you have made or the words you have spoken in a state of anger? No, because you lose your total awareness. But if you are completely aware and are acting angry, that is fine and up to oneself to face the consequence.

Being in the Present Moment
All anger is about something which has already happened. Is it of any use getting angry about something which you cannot alter? The mind always oscillates between the past and the future. When the mind is in the past, it's angry about something that had already happened; but anger is meaningless as we can't alter the past. And when the mind is in the future, it's anxious about something that may or may not happen. When the mind is in the present moment, anxiousness and anger appear so meaningless.
Spiritual practices help you maintain your centeredness and not be shaken by small events. This is where a little knowledge about yourself, your mind, your consciousness and the root of distortion in our nature helps. It is when you are exhausted and stressed that you lose your nature and get angry. Every individual is bestowed with all the virtues in the world. They simply get covered-up by lack of understanding and stress. What is needed is just to uncover the virtues that are already there.

The Secret of the Breath
Breathing techniques and meditation are very effective in calming the mind. Learning something about our breath is very important. Our breath has a great lesson to teach us, which we have forgotten. For every rhythm in the mind, there is a corresponding rhythm in the breath and for every rhythm in the breath there is a corresponding emotion. So, when you cannot handle your mind directly, you can handle it through breath. Meditation is letting go of anger from the past and the events of the past. Meditation is accepting this moment and living every moment totally with depth. Often anger comes because you do not accept the present moment. Anger comes when one seeks too much of perfection. When you are joyful, you don't look for perfection. If you are always looking for perfection then you are not at the source of joy.
The world appears imperfect on the surface but, underneath, all is perfect. Perfection hides; imperfection shows off. The wise will not remain merely on the surface but will probe into the depth. Things are not blurred; your vision is blurred. Infinite actions prevail in the wholeness of consciousness, and yet the consciousness remains perfect, untouched. Realise this now and be natural.

Anger is a condition in which tongue speaks faster than the mind.  You can't change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future - Unknown

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

is Homeopathy treatment the new " in thing " ?

Janmashtami wishes to you all. Seeking Lord Krishnas blessing to you, your near & dear ones

As I was chit chatting with one of my friend who has allergic issues seasonwise, I was surprised at her recent interest in Homeopathy which she feels is healing her inside out.  Earlier, she used to talk about her regular anti histamine medicines and sometimes when allergy goes chronic, she would end with inhalation puffs and sometimes even nebulizer. Then, there was a period when she went into Ayurvedic drugs and now totally in Homeopathy.

Upon googling, there are many forums where most of them have vouched for the complete cure of their illness, be it allergy, arthritis or skin issues.  The treatment is simple with intake of pellets which in most cases do not have major reaction or side effects.   Of course, certain food restrictions needs to be followed while taking homeopathic medicines.

 In Bihar, where I was living when my kids were toddlers, I used to go to Homeopathy Dr there for cold and cough related ailments for my kids fearing the strong antibiotics of the hospitals.  Antibiotics used to have strong adverse reactions of loose motions, loss of appetite and sometimes even vomiting. On the contrary, a few pellets of Homeo medicine would give them relief of their cough and cold symptoms without any conta side effects.  But, in later life, I lost touch with homeopathy and allopathy took over the household.  Being married into a family of doctors,  was often ridiculed even to think of an alternate to allopathy ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

Nowadays, I see Dr.Batra clinic advertisement in all the channels offering solutions to many ailments.    

Does anyone of you had complete cure of their sickness following homeopathic treatment?

Ending the note with an apt quote:
' The human body experiences a powerful gravitational pull in the direction of hope. That is why the patient's hopes are the physician's secret weapon.  They are the hidden ingredients in any prescription- Norman Cousins

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