Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sun Lover

I came across a very interesting article on the effects of weather on the human psyche. As a matter of fact, I am the kind of person who associates myself with the sun. Being an early riser all my life, I used to wake up with the sun ray's glistening across my face.
This was until a few years back when I changed my location to a place where it snows six months a year. I wake up now to the annoying ringer tone of my cell phone alarm which I manage to switch off a couple of times before I finally wriggle out of my bedcovers and a couple of minutes more.... before I muster all my strength and drag myself from bed. The enthusiasm is just not there anymore. I don't want to be sounding pessimistic but its time I realize what I've turned into. They say its all in one's mind and well this is what my mind dishes out rite now. Oh well! I'll be fine, things will get better, the sun is going be out there , just a few days more. Been saying this for three months now.Sigh!
Finally, my prayer's seems answered. The sun had been out all day yesterday and with it my mood had hit an all time high. Getting back to my old "early riser" self was a welcome change for my family who had started to worry about the zombie I had turned into. I quickly planned out the list to-do in my mind. Hmm..lets see.....
  • Not wearing a snowcoat- check
  • A long walk in the sun - check
  • French vanilla ice cream with brownie and caramel, delish - check
  • Shopping in outlet - double check
  • Maybe a movie in the end too :)
The sun had completely changed me. As they say, you never realize the value of something until you can't have it anymore. As planned, I headed out to the mall for some much indulgent shopping. Then stepped into my favorite Coldstone Cremery for generous extra toppings (guilt-free) and completely relished the ice cream. I had headed back home for lunch. After lunch, I settled into a patio chair in my balcony with a book and a nice hot cup of masala chai. I could hear the birds chirps, the ducks quacking, the water fountain in the lake- heaven! And then I drifted..drifted...into a deep slumber....

It is 10am today and has been snowing ever since I woke up. I am back to my cellphone alarm, back to my snowcoat, back to my boots...blah..blah...blah...back to being the zombie....


  1. hey..i understand how you feel..initially i used to get depressed at 5 in the eve..cos it used to get dark..but i've realised now..the things which can't be changed, have to be accepted !

  2. It has been snowing over here too....I wish we have some warm weather...

  3. Dear Ms Chitchat
    I am a regular reader of your blog. This one is very well written on winter gloom and the expression too.
    For a moment I was bit confused about the snow, as you are based in UAE. But I realized this article is from your co-blogger, who must be in a cold place.
    Have a nice day

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment. You have a wonderful blog too :)

  5. More than your recipes I enjoy reading your articles.Nicely written .

  6. Wonderful write up...enjoyed reading it.

  7. This post is really fantastic.What a good read.Intersting.

  8. @SE: I have been in a cold place for a few years now but usually take a few months to adjust.

    @Ushnish: Sorry for the confusion. We are three collaborators now. thanks for stopping by

    @all: thank you for the wonderful comments. :)

  9. Another reason to relocate to Cal :D

  10. @Sarath: HA! just waited to chime in that comment eh? :)

  11. I know about how it feels with the snow but I am in denial.I will not accept that weather can bring me down.. Your post is hitting me hard, making me realize how not having sunlight can be detrimental.

  12. great writeup.. keep posting...

  13. @nostalgia: the first winter was really hard but it's getting better now.

    @priya: thanks for stopping by!

  14. My first time here. This is one of my fave snacks too:)


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