Friday, December 11, 2009

The 21st century INDIA

Inspired by the talk of Sashi Tharoor in the TED forum, these are my views on the subject.  There can be no denial that the growth of India is multi-fold in the past two decades, be it communication, science and technology or nuclear energy.

As rightly pointed out by Sashi Tharoor, communication and modernisation has stepped up a hundred-fold within the last two decades.  In the early 1980's , there was  the Trunk call which after hours of waiting would materialise but the conversation would be barely audible and would have to be restricted to a few minutes in lieu of the exhorbitant charges which follows.  Then, there was the lightning call which was the fastest and took half an hour for connection.  But, these are the days when distance does not interfere in your thoughts running wild.  When Sashi Tharoor was offered a tender coconut in one of the small district in Kerala, the time span was just a few minutes between the asking and the receiving.  His friend was able to connect to the person who plucks the coconut,  in a jiffy,  as that person was toddy picking, up on the coconut tree with pick-axe on one hand and mobile phone on the other !!!!!!

Gone are the days of long queues be it for buying rail or air tickets or making our bill payments  The online payment concept has made one's job easy.  One need not depend on  his foreign relative for a winter jacket, McVite Digestives, Toblerone, Pampers or Heinz baby food. Everything is readily available in almost all the major cities in India. It would be unfair if I do not mention the availability of the latest gadgets as and when launched in the international market. 

The image of India on the world scenario has had a total revamp.  Gone are the days of depicting India with fakirs on nail beds, ash covered sadhus, tigers and elephants, snake charmers etc etc.  Indians are now popular for their brains and new inventions.  India is the busiest buyers and sellers market and all multi-nationals are eyeing for the top spot.   We hear of foreign dignitaries visiting us on regular basis either to have trade relations or technology updations.

But, this spirit is dampened upon hearing the many scams going around in the political world now which hampers the growth of India to the mighty fold it is destined.  There are revelations about the lakhs of crores of Indian money stored in Swiss banks by our effluent politicians only to be idle till their great-great grandchildren are old enough to spend.  There should be awakening among  the masses to bring down such illegal weeds out of the system and make India the next super power.

Hope the common man wakes up and find a new wave of uncorrupt politicians who would make the dream of India becoming a powerful nation come true.

Jai Hind!


  1. Oh! The so called modern India, does need to wake up to the light, with our morals & values, on the base.... Our base is so strong that, no other nation has..... But with the learned simply aping the west, the not so learned remaining in their own wells, the rich getting richer & the poor getting poor everyday..... we are heading no where.... Every individual needs to make that effort to improve & improvise, only then the nation would be able to stand up, head high!!!!!.... These are topics & issues, only good for debating or this present world...


  2. Wonderful blog you have!I just love the way you present an issue..And talking about politicians in India and their corruption-the division of States, I believe is also a part of their scam!As Ash pointed out, these issues are good for essaying and essaying alone, I guess!

  3. Oh I simply love this post...what you have said is really we can find Indians working everywhere starting from White House to a Laboratory in Italy...we rock...don't we :)

  4. Love your write up. Agree with your thoughts. I'm hopeful that a day will come when we'll have able and uncorrupt leaders taking our Nation to greater heights.

    Jai Hind.

  5. wonderful post!!


  6. True and well said. Recently I was watching NDTV wherein Mr. Chidambaram home minister was taking youths one on one hosted by Barka He was repeatedly appealing to elect good people and not criminals. We could feel from his repeated appeal that he himself is not comfortable with non performers and criminals in politics and governance of India. But is this appeal justified when they do not nominate the right candidate and give seats to all criminals and non performers to stand in the election.
    The move has to start and I appriciate this post one such move at an individual level and wish the dream come true. BUT WHEN ????


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