Monday, May 20, 2013

Kothamalli podi straight from my Mother's Kitchen

I am a big fan of Coriander. I feel that the flavour of any dish is enhanced to many folds by garnishing with coriander.  I get carried away whenever I see  the fresh green bunch and love to stock it.  Normally, end up making chutneys and thokku but this time I wanted to make Podi, the procedure I tried my best to recall from my mom's kitchen :):)  


Coriander - 2 big bunches
Urad dal - 4 - 5 tbsp
Red chillies (whole) - 6-8
Asafoetida - slightly less than 1/4 tsp
Tamarind -  small marble size
Oil - 1 tbsp


Wash the coriander well and remove only the leaves and allow to dry for few hours. Slender stems can also be included which would blend well while grinding.  There should not be any moisture in those leaves.  In a pan, add oil, add urad dal,red chillies,tamarind and Asafoetida and keep roasting till the urad dal turns reddish.  Keep aside.

In the mixer, first dry grind the urad dal mix and salt till it is coarsely done.  Then, add the coriander leaves and keep grinding.

Ensure that the coriander leaves are washed well and dried completely. Even little moisture would convert the Podi to Chutney:):)

As depicted in the pics, I had it with crispy Dosa. It goes well with Idlis and even curd rice.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” -Mark Twain


  1. Flavourful podi,love to finish that plate.

  2. I love kothmalli a lot in everything. I make the thokku a lot and i make it often. Next time I will keep it in the podi form.

  3. Looks so tempting and perfect.. thanks for sharing !!

  4. Wow nvr heard of this podi... Looks great... Can we dry fry the coriander and grind it?

    1. Yes, u can do that too, but the color fades when you dry fry in kadai. By drying under the fan, the green color is maintained.

  5. I need to try this I have a bunch of kothamalli in my hand.

  6. this is new for me... must try thanks for sharing this.

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  8. Wow, this looks awesome ma :-)

  9. That looks so yummy! Thanks for the recipe. Will definitely try it out :)

  10. wow flavorful podi,perfect with dosa...

  11. delicious dosa n podi..nice combo..

  12. Very very flavorful podi, Dhool..

  13. This looks so nice and yummy. Totally tempting :)

  14. mouth watering chutney!!! love to try this one...

  15. This post is in my drafts for a long time now...I love this podi...Yours looks perfectly made

  16. Nice one! Will definitely try it out.Thanks

  17. Flavorful podi. I grind the stalks also. But never had it separately like this, i spread it on dosa with a oil ghee!!!

  18. Flavorful podi. Yummy.

  19. Moms are best cooks. This podi is so deliciously flavourful.

  20. Kothamali podi is really a healthy option as it has many health benefits. You have presented it in a tempting way and is awesome.

  21. Kothamalli podi is somethg new to me. Love the idea.


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