Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nature's Vibrant colour-Yellow

Talk about the bright yellow sun which starts the dawn of the day and gives life and energy to all mankind. Yellow is cheerful. It brings an instant vigour inside oneself when you see the colour. Yellow is the colour of citrus and freshness. This also catches a lot of attention being on the brighter side but some say that viewing this colour for a long time brings tiredness to our eyes due to its brightness.

There are many products in Nature which has the yellow colour in them. Saffron when mixed with milk produces a beautiful yellow. Pollen grains are again yellow in colour. The spice 'Turmeric' is yellow and it has many medicinal qualities. It also acts as a colouring agent in cooking. Not to forget the 'mustard' which is black and when made to paste or broken has a beautiful yellow inside and who can forget the lovely yellow mustard plant flowers.

The flower Daffodil is yellow and so is lily. Among the fruits we have the energetic banana and the sweetlime and not to miss the 'King of fruits - Mango'. Yellow indicates the ripeness of the fruit which is usually green in colour when unripe. The lighter version of yellow - 'cream' has a soothing feel on the eyes

One of the most precious metal gold is also yellow. Bronze is another metal which is used to make statues and other cast items. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The colour varies from dark yellow to brown depending upon how much zinc is present. The more the zinc, the lighter the colour.

Leaves turn yellow due to losing its colouring pigment chlorophyll to losing its colouring pigment chlorophyl. It is a beautiful sight to see the yellow leaves during the autumn season.

In many countries including India, the colour yellow denotes prosperity and well being; In some Indian weddings, the bride is usually adorned in a yellow sari and the groom in a yellow dhoti. Yellow Chrysanthemums are usually adorned in the hair as a symbol of celebration.

Mustard Kancheevaram sari with rust border is a common sight during Chennai's 'Margazhi maasam music fests'.  We can keep on and on about this bright color.  It is Nature's pride and our delight.

'I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love '- Conor Oberst

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